Dear Mom

This is a blog about my mom, and how I love her.

Dear Mom,

You are the greatest person in my life, the only one who loves me a lot. You have carried me for 9 months, and gave me life. And I want to thank you for that. You are what I need in this life. Without you I would be nothing. You taught me how to walk, How to speak, How to eat, How to put my clothes on, how to wipe my ass. You taught me that I have to respect all the people, no matter what their religion, color or race is. You taught me that every person is equal, and no one is more special than me. You make me angry sometimes, but that´s part of being a mom. You´re very protective, and want nothing to happen to me. You make me laugh till I cant breath. You comfort me when I cry. You´re my number one best friend, and mom. I can share everything with you. You help me when Im in trouble. You take care of me when Im sick. You are there for me 24/7. I never want to lose you! If I did lose you, my life would be nothing! I love you Mom



~ by Hidia. on March 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Dear Mom”

  1. I realy like you blog! and that’s right moms are the only one that always will be there for you when you need her, and I believe that you mom are happy for that. I only know you for internet but I respect you
    Miss Arest.

  2. Aaahw! Thank you! ❤ That's true, Mom's are always there for you! ^_^


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