Today when I turn on my tv I only see news about disasters, leaders, people dying, people fighting. Leaders/Presidents not agreeing with their citizen. I see unnecessary fights, and people are dying for no reason. People in Japan are struggling and fighting for their lives. It’s hard for me to see that. I want to help them, be there for them. Go there and let them know that Im there for them, to help them. But it’s kinda impossible. But when I think that by donating money to the Charity MFR (Music for Relief) helps them, it does make me feel a lot better. I hope it’ll get better for the people who survived the Tsunami and Earthquake. They’ll be in my prayers. Some people lost their families, their parents, their sibblings. And knowing that hurts. Even if it’s not me. Im going to donate more money to help Japan…

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~ by Hidia. on January 25, 2012.

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