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Im listening to America by 9lives/Deuce. And I was wondering this, what would the world be without any music? Have you ever thought of that? Im we wont be able to express or feelings in any other way.. Okay, you can express your feelings in another way by, dancing or acting. But somehow I dont think it has the same effect as music. Music has changed a lot of lifes, and it’s still changing people’s life! Not in a bad way though. I listen to Rock most of the times, because the bands I listen to have lyrics I can relate too. So that makes me feel like Im not the only one dealing with that kind of problem. Also the fans of the most bands I listen to are really awesome! Music, makes people happy, sad, angry, laugh etc.. When I listen to music I most of the times feel fucked up inside. And by listening to music, I kinda forget the feeling I had, and start singing and smiling. Music is that powerfull! It changes people’s life! ❤


~ by Hidia. on January 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Music.”

  1. Music is an important part of my live… With music you can express you feelings….

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