Rock N’ Roll.

Hello Everyone,

Today my sister told me that they had to show what kind of music they like, and listen to. She said, all my classmates choose Hip Hop, Pop, R&B etc.. She choose for Skillet – Hero, wich belongs to the category Rock. She told me that her classmates were giving her weird faces. She ignored all that and sung at the top of her lungs! They asked her: Are you serious? Do you listen to that kind of music? She answered: Yes, what’s wrong with it? It’s just music. They didnt believe her, because she doesnt look like a girl who listens to Rock. Im sure they think if you look like a Goth, and wear a lot black clothes or make-up you listen to Rock. That’s not true, there are people who look “normal” and still listen to Rock! But Im glad my sister didnt take their bullshit, and sung fawking hard in their faces! That’s why I love her.
That was it for today.



~ by Hidia. on January 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Rock N’ Roll.”

  1. Good for her. I hope that would teach people not to judge based on appearances but we never learn. Even those who try to avoid falling into that trap.

  2. Yes good for her, because there are people who likes to judge you if you like or listen rock music or if you wear black clothes. you don’t have to wear black clothes or make up if you like rock music! What is happening with people?

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