Real friends or not?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to get this off my chest, so that’s why Im writing this right now.

Well I had a ex- best friend, and we were friends for like 14 years. I stopped hanging out with her, because I found her very strange. She was kinda copying me and talking like me, and I didnt like that at all. I stopped hanging out with 2 weeks or more, I dont remember anymore. But she was acting all weird and she did things I didnt like. So that’s the reason I stopped hanging out at first. But now I found something else out, what really scared the shit out of me. So, I went into her e-mail and was checking everything out. I went on there to get the pictures we had together cause I didnt have them. Well I found an E-mail she had sent to herself, and I was thinkin should I check it out or not? Well I couldnt resist, so I decided to open it. There was a convo between her and a dude I dont even know, and she never told me about him! (We were best friends and she knew everything about her, but she was keeping all kind of things quiet for me) I started to read the convo and found things that really shocked me!! She was telling him all kind of stories that had happened to me, and she told him it happened to her. Like once the neighbours dog bit me, and since then I’m afraid of dogs. She told him it happened to her. She told him more off those kind of stories.. I was freaked out! I never knew she would act as if she was just like me! She even stole my music taste, claiming that I copied her. -_-“. Oh well, back to the story. I was reading and reading, and suddenly she said to him she took some pills and that she wasnt feeling good at that moment. He asked her: “What kind of pills did you take?” She answered: “Strong painkillers.” He asked her: “Why are you taking those medicines?” She said: “Yeah I had chemo” (So she said to him she had cancer! Wich she doesnt have! I dont even fucking know why she said that!) He said: “That’s bad, both of my parents died of cancer.” She answered, that sucks. She doesnt have cancer why is she making up those kind of things up? Like she always used to come to me and tell  me she had another dissease?! I always told my sister and her friend that she was lying and she was making up all kind of disseases? She thought we would feel sorry for her, but I didnt , because I knew she didnt had the disseases. All my grandma’s and dad’s died because of that dissease, and she’s playing with that? But Im going to call her tomorrow, and tell her everything! She even told him that my family said that I couldnt hang out with her anymore because she was from a different country! Like WTF! My family loved her, so I dont know why the fuck she would say something like that? Sorry people, she pissed me off! I used to have a lot of friends but I turned my back to them just for her! She ruined everything for me! I gave her my heart, everything! I once asked her: “What would you do if some random girl runs towards me and starts beating me, what would you do?” Her answer was: “Im not going to help you, because I dont want to get in the middle of that.” I told her: “If someone would hit you, I would kick their asses! You know why?” She asked: “Why?” I said: “Because you’re my friend and I’ll never let something happen to you.” How can a best friend say something like that? Im so hurt right now. I never show my feelings, I cant.. She knew I was vonuarble, and she took advantage of it. It sucks to know that about someone who used to be your best friend. But I knew somehow, she wasnt good for me. But I just couldnt tell her to fuck off, because I loved her too much. Seems like she didnt love me as much as I loved her.

This really helped me, and I appreciate you reading this!

So friends, are not always as they pretend to be! So beware! Do some research to find out how they really are!

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~ by Hidia. on January 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “Real friends or not?”

  1. . She’s just stealing your life, why thats like being friends with your self and you don’t even know it! .

  2. Well now you know how she is, I never thought that a best friend was able to do or said stuff like these. Well my dear Hidia be strong and continue forward. 🙂

  3. Aww..
    I’m glad you stopped being friends with her, copying someone like that isn’t nice at all. O_o I hope you know that I’m here for you if you want to talk. (: I was waiting for you last night but you never showed up? XD Well, cya soon. ^^ *hugs*

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