Hidia´s Hungry.

•January 23, 2011 • 2 Comments

Im sitting on the couch, watching The Cleveland show. I prefer Family Guy, but The Cleveland show is meh, Okay. Im getting hungry and Im thinking about making me some fries, or some fishfingers. Thinks about the Southpark Episode with Kanye West. “Kanye do you like Fishfingers?” Kanye west says: “Yes” “Okay, you’re a gayfish” Kanye Says: “Oh hell no I aint gay!” That shows that he has got some huge empty brains. Well enough about Kanye West and his brains. Back to me and my screaming stomach. If you come closely to the screen you’ll hear it scream “FEED ME FEED ME” Just come closer, dont be afraid. It wont eat you, Unless you look like a donut, or a pizza, or a fishfinger, or a burger, or spagetti, *Drools* O shit, I need to stop it Im drooling all over me and my laptop. Well, I hope there will be a lot of awesome shows on tv tonight, if there isnt I’ll just sit in a corner and cry myself to sleep. And tomorrow I have to work for once in years! Woohoo!! *Gives herself a standing ovation* I deserved the standing ovation, I finally found a job!! Not that it’s a super awesome job. But who cares, as long as I earn some money. So I have to learn myself to look more like this –> ^_^ instead of this –> -_-“. Yeah I’ve heard of a lot of people that I need to smile more. Why the hell should I smile when Im walking somewhere or when I step in the bus? I only smile when Im Happy, when I see someone I like, When someone falls, when someone says some funny things. I fake smile when I see someone I dont like, and someone that talks a lot, or someone that tries to be funny, Like Katy Perry. I hate it when she’s in a show. Wanna know why? I’ll tell you why in the next blog. So that means I have to stop writing now, before I cant.

– Hidia.


Hidia’s Avdenture’s. (I mean Hidia’s first Blog on here)

•January 23, 2011 • 2 Comments

Hello Peepz,

As you know Im new here, So welcome me, give me an aplausse, Standing ovation is okay too. So this is going to be my first blog! Yaay! Im excited to blog for the first time in my life. Ok Im lying now, because this is not the first time Im posting a blog somewhere. Well shall I tell a bit about myself? I know you want me to tell everything about myself, but I cant tell you everything. But what I can do is tell you a little bit about How I became so awesome. Uhm well Im a 20 year old girl from Holland (I know most of the people are thinking about the drugcake, legal drugs) Im not familiair with that so dont ask me questions! I like to sing, eventhough I hate my voice but yeah. I like to draw, eventhough I sometimes FAIL! But who cares, that’s what makes me awesome. I have 2 sisters, one little brother. Im the oldest (OBEY ME) That’s what I say to them, and they do it, do you want to know why? Well because Im awesome, that’s why.  I like to watch Family Guy because Peter Griffin is just awesome and stupid at the same time. Well, that was a little bit about me. BTW, Im a huge Linkin Park fan? Heard of that band? NO THERE’S NO RAPIST IN LINKIN PARK!! *Whispers I think it’s Joe Hahn* Well, Im getting hungry because I wrote to much.. I think Im going to stop right now, before I never will.


Hello world!

•January 23, 2011 • 1 Comment

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